Mom, my Podcast is out!

Hi Mom, 

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while.
I’ve been working hard the last couple of weeks to get the show finished. 
Editing, mixing, composing. It’s been kind of crazy. It took almost a year. But it’s done and it’s here. 
Also thanks to a lot of people being very generous with their time.

The Deca Tapes is like a season of a tv-show but without the visuals. 
It’s like a radio drama. There’s a story told by actors accompanied by moody sound design and music. 

The show is about tapes that have been found, made by ten people that are locked into the same space together. Each episode is a diary recording made by another member of the group. So through that ever-shifting perspective the listener slowly learns what’s going on. And why. 

The first episode is out today and the other seven episodes will follow in the next seven weeks.


You can listen to podcasts through iTunes. On your iPhone go to the Apple Podcasts app (the purple one), and search for ‘The Deca Tapes’. You should see the show with a trailer and the first half-hour episode. You can also press here.

Now the next part is VERY important, Mom. Do you see the stars below the episode? Press on the FIFTH one. Even if you can’t figure out how to listen to the episode. Just press that star. And do you see the ‘write review’ button right below the stars? Press that and write a few lines on how amazing the show is. Mom, don’t address the review to me directly. Here are some modest suggestions:

‘Great soundtrack and even better story telling. Instant classic!’

‘My favorite podcast ever!’

Something along those lines would be great. The more five star ratings and good reviews, the more easily the show can be found by others. So tell your friends. Dad has an Android phone. He doesn’t have an iTunes account. He can find the show on lots of other services like Spotify here.

I must warn you, Mom. There is some swearing and some violence. There’s one pretty graphic episode, actually. So maybe don’t send it to Margret.

Okay I gotta go, Mom. Thanks for your help.