Mom, I quit my job

Hi Mom,

A quick update from me: I quit my job. I know, I’m sorry. Bandaid ripping and all that.

It wasn’t an easy decision, I had a good job. I was a Strategy Lead at JWT Amsterdam. That’s a creative advertising agency. We made some really cool stuff. We worked really hard. I learned a lot. Not just saying that to sound like a well mannered professional.

You’re still reading this in a state of shock, aren’t you? Just put down the coffee and breathe. It’ll be fine. I know I’m giving up financial security and all that. But I’m meant to do stuff like this.



I’ll try and explain: I’m what they call a millennial. That’s also why I’m blogging on here about myself, but at the same time using you as a shield of irony to hide behind. The other moms will start talking about that when you tell them I quit. They’ll say millennials refuse to put in the hours you guys did, but do expect to achieve the life you guys made for yourselves. 

But that’s not entirely true. We don’t expect to achieve the same things you guys achieved. We expect to achieve much more. You didn’t expect the same life your parents had, right? You wanted to use the potential of the new world they built for you. Well, so do we. If you look at it that way, me quitting my job is part of global progress. So if one of those moms start talking shit about lazy millennials, explain to her I would be insulting everybody older than me if I kept my job. And I would be insulting them even more if I didn’t take some risks.

In the meantime, just keep calm and check back here to see what I’m up to.

There’s a lot of awesome stuff coming. 

First of all, I’ll be writing. Part of that will see the light of day in a podcast. That’s like radio but on-demand and there’s no music; there’s only people talking and one episode sometimes takes up to three hours. It’s awesome. I’ll send you something as soon as I can.

Also, I’ve started a company with some friends. It’s called Swell Navigator and we can help wave surfers predict when they should head out to what beach. We can do that better than any other product out there, in my opinion. There’s only a beta version out now, hopefully we’ll finish the official launch app next week.

And lastly, I might get to do some projects for advertising agencies from time to time. Otherwise I might starve at some point. Just kidding.

Okay, I got to run. I’ll talk to you next month, mom. Don’t worry.

PS. Beta version means it’s not done yet.