Mom, I’ve been sending private phone recordings to a stranger

Hi mom,

For the last eight weeks I’ve been sending a stranger WhatsApp voice messages almost every day. 

scared vaughan.jpg

As you probably know by now, my first podcast show The Deca Tapes came out a few weeks ago. 

I’ve talked about creating it. But the hardest work started once I was done making the show itself. Because there’s a lot of people creating podcasts. A lot. So I was one of many, and I had to find a way to stand out and find people that would like my work. 

Evan is one of those many podcast makers. And he wanted to document my process of finding and growing that audience. We talked a lot over the phone and through WhatsApp, and Evan turned those recordings into a two-part audio documentary. 

Just click the link HERE and you can hear both episodes. Hope you enjoy, mom.