Mom, I cycled from Amsterdam to Lisbon

Hi mom,

There’s some stuff I’ve been keeping from you.

Valentijn and I cycled from Amsterdam to Lisbon in a month. You knew that. I’ve told you about most of it. How awesome it was to spend four weeks in the outdoors, about really getting to know a country when you move very slowly - how you see cultures and people changing gradually, not abruptly at a border -, about how your mind descends into your body and leaves you unable to think about anything except for moving your legs and eating food, about climbing mountains and crossing cities and facing snow and heavy winds and rain; all of that good stuff.

There’s also some things we didn’t tell you. Things moms shouldn’t know. But now that we made it home safely, we can tell the whole story. So here’s what we left out:

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Mom, I quit my job

Hi Mom,

A quick update from me: I quit my job. I know, I’m sorry. Bandaid ripping and all that.

It wasn’t an easy decision, I had a good job. I was a Strategy Lead at JWT Amsterdam. That’s a creative advertising agency. We made some really cool stuff. We worked really hard. I learned a lot. Not just saying that to sound like a well mannered professional.

You’re still reading this in a state of shock, aren’t you? Just put down the coffee and breathe. It’ll be fine. I know I’m giving up financial security and all that. But I’m meant to do stuff like this.

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